movies taken from on-board one of my slot cars. enjoy the ride.


  • 30-May-2003 16:22 - Test lap
  • 30-May-2003 16:24 - full lap
  • 30-May-2003 16:26 - almost a full lap had some trouble going up a hill, and took one turn a little too fast
  • 30-May-2003 16:26 - soooo close..
  • 30-May-2003 16:27 - quick lap this lap took about 11 seconds. that's about 130 scale mph average
  • 30-May-2003 16:51 - 15-second lap
  • 30-May-2003 16:52 - Another quick lap
  • 30-May-2003 17:04 - Oops This one didn't go so well. We mounted the camera on the back of a car body instead of just the chassis. It had too much weight in back, and, well, you'll see.
  • 30-May-2003 17:57 - Racing its more fun with another car on the track
  • 30-May-2003 17:57 - another race
  • 30-May-2003 17:58 - another race this one's pretty cool. the Motorcraft car passes on the bank.
  • 30-May-2003 17:58 - cool action the other car stayed out in front most of this lap.
  • 30-May-2003 17:59 - another pretty good one i also edited this one to run in a loop.

Watch this one in a loop. (i'll get a better looking one up soon)

two views of the track layout, for reference

The track is approximately 70-75 feet long, or about .4 scale-miles